Why do we love to gossip?

“Omg you’ll never guess what?” 

If you are aware enough you will find that the brief moment before you deliver gossip you will detect a momentary sense of satisfaction even if it’s bad news! 

It’s because I’m that brief moment you know more than the other person. The ego loves to feel superior. Even if that person is the king of the world you still feel  superior to them as you know something that they don’t!  

This feeling of superiority can leave you addicted to gossip. Gossiping is usually malicious criticism and judgement of other and its strengthens the ego which is not what we want. Ego stands in the way of finding our true self. It likes to label you and put a set identity on you . And we want freedom and to look inner to see who we truly are! 

So just watch how our ego feeds off gossiping. You must ask yourself 

What does this do for me?

Speaking negative of someone does absolutely nothing for you or for your energy of course we love to gossip I’m guilty of finding out what happened down the town the other night also. But just try to leave the malicious judgemental comments out of it. And keep your energy pure and good 💫

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